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Fred McGary stamps

This is an extension of my on-line selling. I am attempting to make a easier way for my customers to find mint United States stamps at reasonable prices.

This web site is not secured (no padlock) to keep my prices as low as possible. We do not use cookies and information is not required from you. All financial transactions go through PayPal or as an alternate, if you choose not to use PayPal, I will give you a mailing address for a check or money order.

Use the menu on the left side to find the stamps that you need. Year sets has a separate menu which starts in 1944 and currently goes to 1979 with some years in the 1970's not yet finished. The main menu has various sheets and blocks of stamps issued between 1976 and 2006. The web site has been under construction for just a short time. Additions are planned. Please contact me with your needs or come back later.

All stock is subject to prior sale, some items may not be currently available. I will find anything listed for you in a timely manner. Please contact me at fred (at) fmcgary (dot) com before making any payments.

If you do not find what you need, please send me an email. I can usually find mint US stamps at a reasonable price.

Postage and Handling Charges

Most of the items listed require a larger envelope and higher postage. I will charge a maximum of $2.00 to US customers and $3.00 to others. This charge is for all items mailed at one time.

My Other Web Selling Locations

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More recently I have been selling on Colnect.

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