There are other methods available to add sales to a Delcampe store (every seller has a Delcampe store). There is a simple selling form on the Delcampe site and a Lister program.

Selling Form

The selling form is available using the "Sell" tab at the top of the web site and can easily be filled in for the first item and duplicated for future items. For the majority of listings, it will take longer to scan your items than it will to fill out the selling form.

Delcampe Lister

Spreadsheet files saved as a CSV file are used with the Lister program. If you already have your items in spreadsheet format it is a simple process to add them to the Lister and load sales on Delcampe. Complete instructions are on the Delcampe web site.

For more information on starting on Delcampe with no commissions for three months contact Fred at Delcampe@fmcgary.com

Delcampe Marketing

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